The Farmer’s Wife Quilt

Ready to roll: the Honeysweet collection all pressed and prepped.

Ready to roll: the Honeysweet collection all pressed and prepped.

Captivated as so many of us have been by The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird, I bought the book, the CD, and joined the Yahoo group! I have been hunting around for a while now for a theme, a colour-way, an inspiration for the elements of this quilt, which is eminently customizable.

Finally, I found the Honeysweet fabric collection by Fig Tree and Co. for Moda, which arrived in stores only recently (October 2013). Nostalgic, romantic, floral, but in contemporary colours, I like its brightness, cheeriness and warmth. I will be adding coordinates from other sources where they work. Follow along!

The first block I will do, and for which I have chosen the three fabrics you see pulled in front in the photo above, is the lovely Peaceful Hours. I have paper pieced a few of these, thanks to the paper piecing files at the Yahoo group. I cannot imagine piecing this freehand. There are just so many small units to make, so many opportunities for error to creep in.

Follow along, and wish me luck! I will also cross post the images to my Pinterest board.

Pieced for classmate DJ in 2012.

Pieced for classmate DJ in 2012.


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I live in the Pacific Northwest, in Tsawwassen, BC, Canada, a small bedroom suburb of Vancouver, BC.

2 responses to “The Farmer’s Wife Quilt

  1. Sue Jones

    Love your colors!

  2. Thankyou Sue…I wanted something both traditional and modern and the Honeysweet collection hit the right note! I have really worked hard to develop a good colour and design sense, but that remains for me the toughest part of quilting. I was proud of this block above because I chose the colours out of my stash. I find using a colour wheel poster has been a big help.

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