Lending a Hand with Charity Quilting

from Loving Touch Fabrics

from Loving Touch Fabrics

Many quilters find that joining a charity quilting group offers them both a chance to give back and work on their quilting skills. Your charity quilting group provides not only a useful service to the community, but quilterly fellowship.

But what so often dogs the charity groups I have quilted with is the ticklish issue of sourcing the group stash. Very often groups depend on donated fabric, resulting in charity stashes of small pieces of odd or old fabric. It can be a real challenge to create something attractive out of odd bits of mismatched, dated fabric. And I am uncomfortable with charity quilts looking like what they often are: scraped together with leftover, unwanted fabrics.

If you are wanting to give back by giving fabric to your local charity quilt group, consider giving them something they rarely get: large pieces of fabric (2-5 yards); up to date prints; unisex prints; coordinates (blenders and solids that complement the prints you donate); white on white prints to highlight the more colourful prints; enough flannel to back a lap quilt (5 yards); good quality thread in a muddy brown or grey that will suit all projects (ie Aurifil 1158).

When you donate from your stash, consider donating colour coordinated bundles with enough in the bundle to complete a quilt. And think about quilts that will suit various recipients: boys of all ages, men, and that hardest of all to create for, teen boys. They will appreciate the loving gift of a quilt, but no way are they going to be seen with something that features pink roses, puppies and kittens. Try geometrics in modern palettes:


Happy and blesséd quilting, all!

Malka Dubrowski, fabric designer

Malka Dubrowski, fabric designer


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